“For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.”   Proverbs 2:10

ministry model Mentanoia widthPlus220x200 PaintThe Metanoia Prison Ministry Bible Correspondence Course needs Christian graders.

Metanoia, the PCA ministry offering reformed Bible correspondence courses to prison inmates, is seeking mature Christians to grade their Bible study correspondence course and send it back to the inmate with a letter of encouragement. This takes 2-4 hours a month and helps disciple a man or woman behind bars.  Men and women in prisons all over America have filled out requests for Bible study, but right now there are not enough graders to help them.

Some of our Bible correspondence study course graders

Steve Hawkins and Gerry Stephens







Harriett Bond and Mary Katherine Pace

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“This is a wonderfully rewarding ministry for the inmates but equally so for the church members involved. We currently have over 20 members of First Presbyterian Church as graders but thankfully – we need more. We hope you find this interesting and call me for more information. Thank you.”

Leslie Cory  (contact information below)

More about this Ministry (Members serving Adults)

Metanoia is a PCA Ministry of Mission to North America (MNA) which offers churches the opportunity to develop a discipleship and outreach ministry to prisoners.  Correspondence courses are offered for prisoners using curriculum that Metanoia provides.  The courses take the students from the very basics of the faith to advanced levels.  The actual work of the ministry is done by church members who are paired with a man or woman in prison.  All material is supplied by Metanoia and instructors’ identities are kept completely confidential.  Any adult Christian can serve as an instructor.   For more information, visit pcamna.org/metanoia-ministries or contact Leslie Cory.

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CONTACT: Leslie A. Cory   (423) 756-9242    lesliecory@comcast.net

WHERE: Work from home

WHEN: 2-4 hours per month of your choice

WHO: Any Adult Christian

WHY: Disciple a man or woman in prison