There are 3 viewing options for the calendar.

The first 2 options, Categories and Tags, select WHICH EVENTS are to be viewed. The 3rd option selects HOW the selected events will be shown.

1. CATEGORIES are associated with events to describe the primary purpose of the event such as “Sunday Services” or “Church Business.” A special Category, “FPC Event”, is used to select those events that should be seen on the initial, default view of the FPCC Calendar. (This will be an additional Category for these events along with the primary purpose Category.)

2. TAGS are further refinements of an event describing other event attributes such as an event with music, a speaker, a meal, for adults, for seniors, etc. One can select events to be shown by Category, Tag or both.

3. VIEW options include time selection (Month, Week, Day), a list selection (Agenda) and a couple others.  4. Posterboard view includes an image that may have been associated with the general event Category or uniquely with a particular event.

A little experimentation with these 3 options will make the church calendar much more useful.