stained glass douglas side border 374x560Worship

Attending regular worship services is essential for continued growth as a Christian. We grow through the inspired preaching of God’s Word and are filled with the Holy Spirit by greater knowledge of Him and inspirational worship though music. “Corporate prayer,” public and private confession of sins and the opportunity to worship through generous giving all facilitate our “walk.” The Sacraments are regular, vivid reminders of the sacrifice our Lord and Savior made for each of us. The reinforcement of the unity of the church members as part of a universal “body of Christ” is an important connection.  Through fellowship at these services we make important connections to help surround ourselves with the friendship of believers.

We offer three opportunities for Sunday Worship Services. Two (early and later) are held in our Sanctuary while the newer Service is held in our Fellowship Hall. All are welcome to any of the Services.

Sunday School

The smaller, more personal Sunday School classes allow each of us to get to know our fellow believers on a personal level. These connections – friendships – serve to reinforce our commitment to our Lord, Jesus Christ. These smaller groups of believers chart their own course of Bible study and often share in the teaching. Therefore, Sunday School enables us to grow in our knowledge of the Word as well as enlarge our connections to other Christians.