“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations . . . “ . . . Matthew 28:19

 Missions in our community, our nation and our world are a priority at First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church supports a variety of ministries outside our community – many in partnership with national or international ministry organizations. Our “World Missions” outreach is a strategic objective for us.



  World Missions is a cornerstone ministry of First Presbyterian Church.

The very first offering taken at the church was designated for foreign missionary support. Today the ministry supports five partnership ministries in eight global cities and 70 missionary units in 31 countries and six continents. (“World Missions” is defined as those outside the US.) Visit our World Missions website.

 Kids Hope USA

Our local support of this national network of churches helping at-risk children.



 Shoes for Orphan Souls

We support the Buckner International project, a global Christian ministry dedicated to making life better for orphans.



 Operation Christmas Child

We support this Samatariationa’s Purse’s International Relief project. “What is a shoe box was just the first step to following Christ?”



More about this Ministry (Members serving People in Need)

CONTACT: FPCC World Missions: Sandy Pierce, Director of World Missions     spierce@1stpresbyterian.com  (423) 648-7906

Sacred Home Mission Trip: David Hempy -dhempy@sphereone.net

Shoes for Orphans Souls: Cindy Goldston   cagoldston@dhr.state.ga.us

Operations Christmas Child:    Don Holwerda, Church Administrator don@1stpresbyterian.com   (423) 267-1206

Kids Hope USA: See webpage